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1999, Jakarta, INDONESIA

Trust is an important matter that needs to be created for a brand to its customers. So that the brand can be loved by them. The customer’s love to a brand requires trust, and it can be built from the help that the brand does to its customers. Helping, with all of our hearts, is the core value ​​that we uphold, and the important matter for creating trust.

Helping is the reason why we founded this company. We conduct all works given with emphasis on that nature, with positive ways and with a sincere heart, in order to achieve the future big goals. To the extent in establishing maximum results consisting positive energy to all of our clients.

Whitespace understands that a good brand strategy must be experienced and influences once behavior. It should of course relevant and valuable. This intended influence, builds over time, later shared and co-created within customers. As it grows in gradual manner, the result anchors in the mind and heart of every customers. At the same time creating better financial performance.

Whitespace delivers different experiences and unforgettable moments in each and every work being carried out. With reliable team of long experience, knowledgeable, competent, creative and with an innovative brand driven and design frameworks, Whitespace establishes unique services with first-rate results.

Whitespace realizes that the desired out come of all of work present unique values and investment to our client. We understand clients’ needs and consequently delivering clients’ best interest within time. When working hand-in-hand with us, whatever clients of all sizes whether be small, medium, and large, our clients will be treated with the result that can be accounted with sensible values.

Whitespace helps our clients to incorporate design into their business strategy through a first-rate creative problem solving process that clarify objectives and translate these into branding initiatives as well as marketing and communication strategy.

We are now in really deep brand and design business. With a long relationship with our clients, the journey has brought us to find our true soul: to help them.

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