Aerowisata Sign System

Created for Aerowisata in 2013

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We have done

  1. Branding
  2. Environmental
  3. Sign System
Signs are high profile presentation of the brand and one of the most prominent forms of promotion we have. Signage should always considered as the key element with respect to its conclusion within site refurbishments or new builds, and on this basis should be given careful consideration and sufficient production lead time to allow for timely installation.

Whitespace created signage system for Aerowisata, a subsidiary company of Garuda Indonesia the biggest airlines in Indonesia. The object of the sign system is to provide information which will ensure there is a consistent approach to the application of Aerowisata brand signage around Indonesia.

The sign family is broken down into 4 sections:

  • External Primary Signage
  • External Secondary Signage
  • Internal Primary Signage
  • Internal Secondary Signage

For reliability purpose, we conducted these steps: Preliminary Survey and Study, Identify Problem,  Analysis > Audience > Categorization & Hierarchy – Function – Location, Strategy Design Principles, Sign System Guidelines, Implementations.




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