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Djarum is one of the largest cigarette manufacturers in Indonesia and have also established a strong international presence, providing satisfaction to customers daily. With over half a century of history behind it, Djarum has come a long way from its quiet beginnings on the streets of Kudus. Today Djarum has become a familiar icon in Indonesia thanks to our popular clove-and-tobacco cigarette products, which are familiar all over the archipelago.

Despite their success, Djarum remains firmly rooted in its hometown of Kudus.This Company Profile help Djarum to remember where we came from, and to keep in mind obligations to society. This company profile also introduce and remembering Djarum’s big family. As Djarum have grown, so It have abilities to contribute, where once It helped by the community of Kudus, today the corporate social initiatives programs have a national focus and a global outlook.


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