Indonesia Eximbank

Created for Indonesia Eximbank in 2010

We have done

  1. Brand Identity
  2. Branding
  3. Business Stationery
  4. Corporate Identity Guidelines
To execute the transformation process smoothly, BEI (Bank Ekspor Indonesia) as the previous name of the agency, had re-branded its identity and changed its name into Indonesia Eximbank, that is well-perceived as a dedicated agency to facilitate the financing needs and guarantee a cost-competitive export thus to enhance the competitiveness of Indonesia’s exports in global trade.

Indonesia Eximbank positions itself as a state institution with all specificity and prudential principles aim to facilitate, and promote national exports for the welfare of Indonesia.

The visual identity represents a straightforward meaning to communicate Indonesia Eximbank as an institution, which deals with exports in global trade. It symbolizes the sense of certainty/assurance and confidence in the process of export activities.

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