sahabat UKM

Created for sahabat UKM in 2006

We have done

  1. Brand Identity
  2. Branding
  3. Business Stationery
  4. Corporate Identity Guidelines
Whitespace created a holistic brand solution from brand strategy, brand identity, brand engagement to corporate identity for Sahabat UKM in order to communicate the business activities to the employees, shareholders and consumers.

Sahabat UKM is a savings and loans business unit which is based on both conventional and sharia system. It is established with the spirit of “from us for us”. The aims of Sahabat UKM are to help entrepreneurs of micro, small and medium-sized to grow their business into a larger scale and to empower youth and women to become independent entrepreneurs. Sahabat UKM is bridging deposit clients/savers and selected micro/small entrepreneurs by channeling the saving funds to promote the SME sector in Indonesia. Besides access to capital, a Sahabat UKM also provides training, consultancy, and business networks.

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