Soloro Bessi

Created for Soloro Bessi in 2016

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Artisan Wooden Yachts

Whitespace developed Brand Identity for Soloro Bessi, a company based in Indonesia specializing in designing and building premium wooden yachts.

In recent years, some adventurers, though, take their sailing hobby to a whole new level and go cruising. Cruising isn’t a just a hobby; it’s a lifestyle. When you hear about someone who is sailing around the world, they’re cruising. Sailors who choose cruising live on their sailboats and travel for extended periods of time.

The company was built through passionate experience in modern naval architectural engineering, extensive track record in yacht building, the enjoyment exploring on board and underwater wonders, and the love to Indonesia’s heritage of the legendary Phinisi boats.

These aspects have formed the company as a response to niche demand in yacht businesses for avid classic and wooden yacht enthusiasts and the authentic experience one pursuit when on board cruising or sailing a wooden yacht.

Soloro Bessi aims to deliver artisan wooden yachts with a combination of state-of-the-art yacht technology and genuine craftsmanship of the traditional Phinisi, a proud trademark of the ancient Bugis craftsmanship and expertise in constructing strong wooden vessels that have sailed the oceans since the 14th century. Our “Phinisi Spirit” preserves the authenticity of traditional boat building and maintains the sophisticated art techniques of craftsmanship that require high level of skill. Its experienced team of builders own the capability and knowledge through years of building wooden yachts including one of the largest Phinisi yachts sailing today.

Whitespace also help Soloro Bessi first engagement which was take place in the International Boats Exhibition in Dusseldorf, Germany, on February 2017.


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