Created for VIN+ in 2013

We have done

  1. Brand Identity
  2. Branding
  3. Business Stationery
  4. Corporate Identity Guidelines
  5. Rebranding
  6. Website
VIN+ rebranding project was to create a new positioning that will remain in customer’s heart and mind. Wine is everyone’s business, so VIN+ is all about its people and for the people. We believe that everyone deserves to have knowledge about wine and to us we are glad endlessly to share with accountable knowledge with sincerity, genuine, and warmth.

Every visit gives experience of a meaningful value to every individual, group or society. A latin phrase of “In Vino Veritas” translates “In Wine [there is the] Truth.” It is the truth that we want to share, and we also want to give benefit to the society.

VIN+ strives to keep the balance between our ambience, staff, and the wines that we can present those value to our customers. We are here to keep that balance through our expertise in wine.

At VIN+ you will find: Wine & Beyond


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