Meet the creative minds behind Whitespace.

Irvan Suryanto

Design Director \ CEO

Irvan Suryanto has been in the industry for more than 25 years. His experiences include professional photographer, account manager, graphic designer, and creative director. Irvan holds a bachelor degree in management/marketing communication, previously working in Grey Indonesia and Ammirati Puris lintas/Lowe until 1999 before started running his own business. Irvan was the Secretary General of ADGI the Indonesia Graphic Designer Association.

Dimas S. Mardjono

Brand Director \ Senior Partner

Dimas graduated in 1993 from Northop University, California majoring in Aircraft Design. Dimas previous roles include aircraft design engineer. His design background and experience as an engineer liaison in IPTN enrich Whitespace Design solutions and our client relationship management. Since 2003, he has dedicated his strength in research and analysis to work on various branding projects since then, and has donated knowledge and thoughts into Whitespace Design branding and design frameworks.

Shendy Adams

Associate Design Director

Graduated from Jakarta Institute of Arts (IKJ) in 1999 majoring in Graphic Design, Shendy Adams a.k.a. “Sadam” has contributed many branding and design knowledge through visual implementations, more than 10 years in the industry.

Davey Dewanto

Associate Account Director

Graduated from Trisakti University in 2000, majoring Architecture. Besides his humbleness as his genuine style in client service, he has a long gone experienced in numerous projects of Brand Engagement.

Rangga Ridhwan

Account Manager

An International Relations graduate, Rangga has experience in Multinational Agency as Client Service, and has contributed many digital projects.

Dizu Saifuddin

Studio & Talents Manager

Dizu has started working in the creative industry since 1998 where she began as Traffic at First Chapter, a graphic design boutique. Since 2000, she has joined Whitespace Design as assistant to Studio & Talents Manager.


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